Breaking in-to the bloggers’ world.

No two windows are the same, even in the same house

I got thoroughly convinced today that I had no future as a journalist being out of the bloggers’ world.

I am not too much into following trends. Although I like them very often, I rarely comply. I like to stand aside and look. Observe and analyse from an outsider’s perspective. I understand creativity as offering a new and unexpected look on things.

Yet I understood today that there lies the principle of blogging. Blogging has come out as a trend but it is not just that. Blogging offers each of us an opportunity within reach. It is our own choice to grab it. Blogging provides us with the possibility of expression. It allows all of us to convey our ideas and share our points of views. It lets our thoughts go public. It gives us a voice, no matter who we are.

But here comes my second concern: thousands of people have their own blog. Thousands of people are far more interesting than thousands of others.

And where do I stand in this? Well, I firmly stand in the I that stands up for who I am and what I do.The experiences we go through in life uniquely shape who we are and how we think. That makes us all different. Besides, we might not always be first in bringing up ideas or news. But we are all entitled to our own opinions on whichever existing truths and the concept of perception remains a never-ending philosophical debate.

SO, here I am to take on blogging as an opportunity for me to open my windows to the world and let some sun come in.

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