An ordinary american family just fooled the world’s media

The Heene family has duped the entire world through the media with the story of their son Falcon flying up in the air in a balloon.

What an amazing story these journalists reported last Friday.

[picapp src=”c/9/3/2/Boy_Feared_Aloft_064b.jpg?adImageId=6255741&imageId=6820662″ width=”380″ height=”257″ /]

Breaking the news – What happened to the balloon boy?

As a science experiment, a happy family from Colorado constructed an air balloon and it actually inadvertently took off with one of their kids in it! For some time the balloon flew thousands of feet up in the sky at 25 miles per hour and the authorities were incapable of stopping it. Airplanes were delayed, and the whole world (from France to Saudi Arabia) turned its attention to the media covering the event live.

Programs on TV completly changed their schedule. The flight of the balloon was not just shown in live on CNN, or Fox News, but also on international TV channels like Al Jazeera.  No other news seemed to matter anymore. People immediatly started commenting on their blogs and on Twitter. More than a 100 groups and fan clubs were instantly created on Facebook.

Falcon Heene, the Balloon Boy got his moment of fame.

[picapp src=”e/d/0/0/Police_Accuse_Parents_93ee.jpg?adImageId=6255862&imageId=6857948″ width=”380″ height=”257″ /]

When fiction makes the news

This was all made up by a family in desperate need of attention. This was a wonderful hoax and everyone online seems mad because we have all been fooled.

We have to admit though, the Heene family did put on a good show. They captivated us and they allowed us some entertainment during a weekend full of killings in Pakistan.

[picapp src=”3/a/9/d/Pakistani_militants_attack_4fca.JPG?adImageId=6255946&imageId=6815701″ width=”380″ height=”257″ /]

Maybe now it’s time for the media to get back to reality and deliver some important news.

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