Vedic Empire – or how to re-conceptualise the vedic chant

Listening to spiritual chants can become very hypnotic experience.

[picapp src=”2/1/3/3/Ganesh_celebration_in_5d50.jpg?adImageId=6266210&imageId=6433448″ width=”400″ height=”250″ /]

I remember standing in the middle of a singing crowd at the nightly pooja ceremony on River Ganga in Rishikesh. The repetition of the lyrics, the gradual rise of their rythm and the intensification of the volume makes the whole experience of listening to live vedic mantras mesmerising.

Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying, their tune got stuck into my head for several days. It’s easy to listen to these kinds of hindu chants as plenty can be found online and the markets are over-flooded with cds of this type of music.

[picapp src=”3/5/3/b/Bronze_statue_of_1223.jpg?adImageId=6266136&imageId=5140313″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

However, rare are the instances when artists take freedom to get away from classical indian music.

The other day, I found out about The Prayer by Electric Universe. The first minute of the track is astounding. But for those who are not too much into trance, it becomes mind-numbing although the drop-down 4min 30sec into the song sounds great.

[picapp src=”0152/6814e347-2df8-4bf1-a05e-1d4ca3b88bc3.jpg?adImageId=6266824&imageId=155587″ width=”390″ height=”235″ /]

But through some musical exploration I discovered a more interesting band on MySpace: Vedic Empire. They surprised me by the melodic diversity in their songs. I particularly like Nrshinga Kavacham Kunti but Durge Je Je Maa is quite remarkable too.

Their mix of traditional indian instruments with electro music makes their sound relatively distinctive. Besides, Vedic Empire stays closer to Trip-Hop than to Trance, which in my taste suits the vedic chants even better.

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