Britain’s worse storm of the year coming this week – Don’t mind it

The Met Office has issued three weather warnings today. More severe conditions are expected in the coming week. Are you scared?

Very wet and windy conditions are anticipated with widespread rain and strong winds gusting at 60mph at time. Winds at up to 100mph were recorded at the Needles on the Isle of Wight today.

[picapp src=”5/0/8/4/6e.jpg?adImageId=7540437&imageId=690498″ width=”380″ height=”154″ /]

On Saturday, four teenagers were killed in a car accident in Birmingham due to severe weather. The car hit one side of the road and shot through the front wall of the garden, said a local resident.

In Essex, a tornado wrecked 60 homes on Sunday. “It was devastating. Whole roofs were rocking from side to side and chimneys came crashing down,” described Adele Ashdown, from Benfleet. In Devon and Cornwall, 10,000 homes faced a black out as the power line was down.

The great storm of 1987 killed 18 people with winds of 115mph, leaving a trail of destruction estimated at £1.5 billion. This weekend’s storm has been the heaviest storm of the year so far. “We have had gusts reported of 72mph at Culdrose in Cornwall and 71mph at Plymouth,” said Byron Chakcraft, Met. Office.

The Environment Agency urges people to stay in alert. “We may issue flood warnings for possible sea flooding around parts of South Wales coast and possible floodings for rivers across Wales. So we urge people to remain vigilant,” said Jeremy Parr, Flood Risk Manager of The Environment Agency.

But, what if we cut the crap for a moment… how does that small storm compare to any flood that happened this year in Asia? What are real catastrophes? We journalists just love sensationalism too much sometimes…

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