Water from earth is gone to the moon

Need some water? It’s on the moon. How do I get there? Its just a $100 million. Can I walk there? Of course…not!

[picapp src=”9/e/5/f/Maasai_People_Struggle_91c9.jpg?adImageId=7546264&imageId=6019054″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

It’s official now, the news is: they found water on the moon! Since the time they have been looking for it, I can’t resist being impressed.

But why exactly do we even care? There is already a shortage of water on earth causing droughts and deaths. According to the Nature Conservancy Organisation, “every eight seconds, a young child dies from lack of water or a waterborne disease.” Statistics reveal that about 1 billion people don’t have access to safe, clean, drinking water.

Nowadays, key changes are happening in the eco-system. No scientist has ever seen such drastic changes as we are experiencing them since the past 50 years. Major rivers have stopped reaching the sea, and a number of countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan…just to name a few) are asking for international emergency aid as drought wreaks havoc.

So once again, can someone explain why do we care if there is water on the moon right now?

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3 thoughts on “Water from earth is gone to the moon

  1. Mic2mic says:

    That picture is uncalled for!!!

    • You might want to read the caption of the picture when you go over it. Kenya (which I refer to in the article if you have read it) is suffering from drought and has asked for international help. Kenyans walk hundreds of miles to go find water. My article is not about the moon, it’s about water if, once again, you had read correctly.
      Another point: the questions/answers i wrote on the top of the picture refer to a type of conversation you could have had with that woman on the picture…
      So now, please elaborate, why is that picture uncalled for? Maybe you have some constructive comments that could help…

  2. Florence says:

    L’eau. C’est notre survie qui est en jeu. J’ai entendu que des scientifiques et hommes politiques français commencent à dire que ce que l’on dit est trop alarmiste, que la température ne montent pas du fait de l’activité humaine mais parce que c’est un processus naturel.
    Ok, alors continuons à polluer, à consommer, à gaspiller les ressources … ! Ces gens sont inconscients ! Comment peut-on dire cela. Ton article m’a interpellé. Economisons l’eau, organisons la collecte et le retraitement des déchets en énergie…. Il y a tellement de choses à faire. Imaginons que cette dame sur cette photo est notre grand-mère.

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