The Twilight sequel might have a bad influence on teenagers

New Moon is a film geared  towards teenager girls and yet reflects ideas that could have a wrong influence.


The Twilight saga proves it can keep on magnetizing audiences as New Moon receives remarkable results at the Box Office. The film received the highest opening day gross in history, cashing more money than Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Spiderman 3 and even Dark Night. As Claire McCarthy mentions, “there is absolutely no doubt that we are dealing with a true teen phenomenon”.


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But New Moon is also generating controversies amongst parents. The film lingers on a number of mushy scenes and  little action but violence and sex are not the issue this time. However, what worries are the behaviours and the system of thoughts that the characters expose:

  • The main female protagonist is completly obsessed with her vampire lover.
  • Edward has total control over Bella.
  • Bella doesn’t care about school, all she wants is to live forever with Edward.
  • Bella is capable of taking the highest risks to be with Edward

As CNN reported “many parents of tween girls are on the fence about letting their daughters see the vampire romance, saying they are worried the film sends the wrong messages about self-esteem to young girls”.


Claire McCarthy, MD at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, expressed her worries in her blog. She worries for young girls because:

  • “they will wish to emulate the relationship between Edward and Bella.”
  • “they will think it’s good to be obsessive, to think only about their boyfriend and nothing else—at the expense of other relationships, schoolwork, or other activities.”
  • “if a boyfriend is controlling or wants to be with them all the time, they will think it’s romantic instead of seeing that it’s a warning sign for date violence”
  • “taking extreme physical risks might be appealing to some readers who will associate it with being in love—and that teens will be hurt.”


But it has become a hard task for parents to keep away their teens from the Twilight sequel. Kimberly Noe, 46, says “as a parent I’m not just competing with the movie in the movie theater, I am competing with the millions of advertising dollars that has inundated every nook and cranny of my daughter’s life.”

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One thought on “The Twilight sequel might have a bad influence on teenagers

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is not true! the twilight saga is an amazing story being put in movie format. and it is a very beautiful story. it might have an effect on teenage girls, but they get over it as time goes by. so parents shouldn’t be questioning their daughters interests. if the teens go through the symptoms stated, like not knowing what is really going on in their relationships, i think that parents should give it some time, and wait to see what happens next. because, parents, you are not writing your daughters life story, God is. so you should continue praying for the well-being of your children, because their lives are not in your hands. so just pray and see what happens. because whatever happens, happens for the best.(:

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