9/11 victims – the last sms of their lives

The website Wikileaks published “half a million US national text pager intercepts” that were sent during the September 11th attacks on the twin towers.

As soon as the news of planes hitting the World Trade Center came out, thousands of individuals reached their phone to catch up with their friends, family members, or loved ones to ensure they were ok.

Victims who were in and around the buildings also reported on what they were experiencing and sent out their, sometimes, last text-message. They “reveal the panic, horror and pain of what happened that morning in the words of those who experienced it.”

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=september+11+attacks+wtc&iid=6060827″ src=”2/b/8/3/World_Trade_Center_e019.jpg?adImageId=7864539&imageId=6060827″ width=”380″ height=”254″ /]

Here are a couple of these messages:

  • “The only thoughts I have are of Nicholas, Ian and you. I am terrified. I needed to tell you that I truly love you. always, diane.”
  • “I know you have a new relationship and do not care about me. But just in case anything happens know I love you hon. Missed Ya good bye.”
  • “Please call my work as soon as you get in the office. Need to know you’re safe.”

More than half a million of these text-messages are now published on the Wikileaks website in the hope that these “historical record will lead to a nuanced understanding of how this event led to death, opportunism and war.”

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