A woman who changed her path to change the world

Some of us stay in the same job all through our lives; others decide to change their lives by doing something different. Valentina Zunino was brave enough to make a drastic change in her field of studies. She is a traveller and she wants to make a change.


Valentina Zunino is an Italo-Chilean student in England, who is currently completing a Master’s degree in international journalism.

Coming from a background in translation, she opened up her horizon to the world of TV news broadcasting and documentary filmmaking. Zunino says she was “missing the human contact” when doing translations and she didn’t find the sense of satisfaction she was striving for.


Giving a hand through journalism

Zunino cares about people and she wants to help. She wants to reveal and “portray reality to help improve people’s lives”.

And what is journalism more than exposing truths? Zunino would like a job that would keep her travelling as well as help her in her quest to make a difference.

Her ultimate aspiration would be to work for international organisations such as UNESCO or UNICEF. With a degree in translation though, these organisations didn’t give her much opportunity.

As Zunino revealed to us, “they are not so much interested in translation.” However, fascinatingly, they seem to be paying more attention to journalists.


Helping South Americans through documentary filmmaking

In her current degree at the University of Westminster, she will be doing practical courses in television and radio, but she will also be making a documentary as her final project.

She says she likes documentary because it “gives you more time to research the stories and you can benefit from a more in-depth contact with people.” When asked about the main topics she is interested about, she disclosed that she would like to “focus on Latin Americam countries”.

Latin America occupies a special place in Zunino’s heart. Her identity being torn between Italy and Chile throughout her life, she wants to make Latin America her focal point in both her researches and projects. She says that she had an “awakening at the age of 19” and she needed to “rediscover part of her identity” in Chile.

Zunino would like to report about “the issues indigenous women face, concerns surrounding children’s lives, and a number of social issues that are underlying all over the South American continent.”

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