French media accuse Nicolas Sarkozy of ruling Television

Telerama Magazine presents Nicolas Sarkozy as “president of France Television” on a shocking cover to be released in next week’s edition.

Mr Fabrice Pierrot, a French journalist working for CAPA TV, released the news of this cover on Twitter today.

It shows Sarkozy’s in his presidential  posture next to a flag bearing the logos of 3 of the most important public TV stations. Check it out –>

If you look closely, the date of publication of the Magazine will be in the week from April 24th to April 30th. So will it really be published? We’ll have to wait and see to confirm.

Sarkozy vs. the media

This would come amongst rising complaints about Sarkozy’s possible stronghold on the media.

Right from his election campaign and even more after the PPDA scandal, journalists and critics have been worrying about Sarkozy’s close relationships with owners of the media like Martin Bouygues (TF1…) and Arnaud Lagardère (Hachette, Paris Match…).

What’s behind Telerama’s future cover?

Telerama monitors and provides information about all the programs that are to air on French television.  So what’s in store for this new edition of Telerama?

The article behind the cover should be interesting.

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