The Axis of Evil comedy tour

A group of Los Angeles-based comics with middle-eastern origins are taking the stage to overthrow the world image of where they come from.

What we hear from Middle-Eastern countries these days are stories filled with violence, pain, and conflict. Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed, and Aaron Kader come with stories that criticize the way we perceive what we now have come to call “The Axis of Evil”.

Like the blacks, the latinos, the jewish and gays, the three comics are americans. But their origin calls for an image which they have had to live with. A Los Angeles times article says “they hope to subversively cut through ethnic stereotypes that have labeled them violent, fanatical and, ironically, humorless”.

Sometimes it’s better laughing it out than responding with conflict. Sometimes, it even sheds light on what has gone wrong.

Check their website to see when they’re coming to a city near you. And here is a taste of Maz Jobrani’s show:

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