Sri Lanka faces an immediate humanitarian crisis.

Severe rainfall has displaced more than a million people in Sri Lanka over the past few days. More than 30 people are dead and the UN fears an outbreak of diseases that could threaten hundreds of thousands.

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, General Secretary of Sarvodaya, said that infrastructure damages caused by the floods could be equivalent to those caused by the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004. Emergency disaster relief teams are now working around the clock and trucks have been sent to distribute aid packages along with food supplies in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Sarvodaya is the largest people’s organisation in Sri Lanka

Present in over 15, 000 villages. Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, founder of the Sarvodaya Shramadana movement, has received hundreds of international awards including the Gandhi Peace prize and he was nominated more than five times for the Nobel Prize. Several reconstruction and development programmes were put in place by Sarvodaya not only for victims of the tsunami but also for all the internally displaced by thirty years of civil war.

Now more efforts will be needed for those regions hit by the floods but the Sri Lankan government doesn’t have the same ressources as the Australian government to tackle such an immediate humanitarian crisis. Yet news about the australian floods are attracting much more international media attention than Sri Lanka.

What’s nothing to you may mean the world to them.

5 (or less than $10) are enough feed a family of five for two days in Sri Lanka. Sarvodaya needs cash to purchase needs locally (food, clothing and blankets; medical supplies; sanitary items; and tents or other forms of temporary shelter). They do this to bolster local economies rather than hurt them with imported supplies.

A few bucks can go a long way, so here is the link if you’d be able to make donations:

If you can’t donate, you can still help. Tag International Developement will be donating 50p to Savodaya every time someone “likes” or “tweets” this blog post:


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