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Care2.com helps netizens make a difference

Discover Care2.com. A website with a mesmerizing concept for people who wish to make a difference in the world, but maybe not all of them.

Created in 1998 by Randy Paynter, Care2 is a website that makes available, “fast, easy, and free ways to make a difference everyday”, according to its motto. Care2 thereby encourages activism for various causes.

How Care2 promotes activism.

By filling out a profile with information about, for instance, our personal involvement, Care2 links us to other activists with similar interests. Each day, this social networking website proposes a simple daily action visitors can take part in.

Today, for instance, you could “send some love and good wishes to Barbcat”, a young handicapped woman who “has spent hundreds of hours signing petitions, sharing stories about animals in need”.

Care2 also encourages its members to take various other social actions like creating or signing petitions, clicking for free to donate, sending green e-cards, helping you find a green job and other inventive uses of the internet to help non-profit organizations or causes.

Care2 – should we like or dislike?

Some users have expressed their discontent with the website. Wowsux, a viewpoints.com user from Texas, accuses Care2 of promoting “far left” ideologies. He thinks that it is a “liberal site that misrepresents issues and encourages political activism. Stories are slanted to the left ideology and encourage people to sign petitions based on incomplete information.

According to his experience, he says “they also unfairly censor and ban posters that have a Conservative political position. […] All in all, it appears to be site dedicated to the Progressive political agenda, thinly disguised as an environmentally concerned site.”

Other users, like zippyd, from Washington D.C, praise it with all their hearts. Zippyd wrote on viewpoints.com, “I highly recommend Care2 for anyone concerned about global warming, human rights, improving education or simply making the world a better place.” In fact, this social network platform has attracted more than 16 million members and continues to grow at an incredible pace. In six months, I’ve witnessed a growth of almost 4 million more members.

I haven’t tried creating a petition with a conservative stance on the website myself to see whether it would be rejected or not, but we could consider the idea that making it easy, fun, and free for us to take a specific action may be a good way to push us into doing something we might not agree with.

What is your opinion about Care2?

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