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Bjork releases new “Moon” music video

Bjork released her new single “Moon” along with a fresh music video straight from outer space. In this eccentric, performance-oriented piece, written and directed by Bjork herself, the eclectic pop star hangs out in the moon and seems to be singing to the universe. And we love it!

The single was released early and is part of her upcoming album Biophilia, which is due to come out on October 1oth.  This 7th album is a multimedia project “encompassing music, apps, internet, installations, and live shows”, Bjork explains. Once again, she dazzles her fans taking bold steps in her musical exploration, evermore exploring unbeaten trails and embracing the digital world.

Watch “Moon”:

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Paranormal Activity – finally an horror film that’s actually scary!

Paranormal Activity is one of the best horror films I have seen on the screens after a while. It is definitly worth a watch if you are looking for some exciting thrill.

Shot in the same way as the Blair Witch Project was made, Paranormal Activity builds up the fear with a sense of realism that will leave you petrified.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=paranormal+activity&iid=7033718″ src=”e/5/5/f/MOVIE_PARANORMAL_ACTIVITY_131c.JPG?adImageId=7864782&imageId=7033718″ width=”380″ height=”230″ /]

The first  half hour may seem rather slow as we explore the day-to-day life of this couple. They have a big house, are happily loving each other and experience fears when they hear unusual sounds in the night. However, this slow build-up serves to make us comfortable with this pair of characters. We can even start to identify with them as all of us might have experienced these sort of fears at one point in our lives.

The tension never stops to increase throughout the movie. In fact, the last scenes are the most frightening ones. They leave you wondering if you can ever get home after the show and sleep peacefully.

This film proves once again that the best scare can come from the lowest budget films. I agree with Michael Dequina who wrote: “Fun, creepy, unpretentious little haunted house rides like these are so hard to come by these days that slight overpraise is understandable.”

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