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Syria. It’s not just what’s in all the media.

Let’s play a little game. You have less than 3 seconds to think about the answer to the following question. Be honest. What are the first 5 words that come to your mind when I say: Syria?

Now, does any one of those words that came to your mind relate to: revolution, civil war, killing civilians, protests?

When overwhelmed by the media, sometimes art helps to counterbalance all of the misery you hear about in the world. Sometimes, videographers show you the other side. Ruslan Fedotow does just that.

I discovered him by chance on Vimeo. Ruslan Fedotow is a Belarussian¬†student at Academy of Arts who has had the occasion to visit Syria, twice for a couple of months altogether in the past year. Expert in Cinematography, he teamed up with Editor¬†Artem Yakimov to make “Syria. The Other Side”, a video showcasing Syria’s ancient landscapes, age-old traditions, and unique culture along with an inspiring soundtrack.

Click on the link to watch “Syria. The Other Side” on Vimeo (sorry, I couldn’t post the video here due to restrictions).

Below is another work by Fedotow introducing the bright side of Syrian life:

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