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UpRise 2011 – London’s Anti-Racism Festival

UpRise is a multicultural festival in London celebrating anti-racism through poetry, debates, storytelling,¬†art, talks and walks. The theme this year was about taking a look at “our community and our planet as Home”. As a grassroots one day event, UpRise was a colorful event spanning over 14 venues in the heart of the Dalston district in Hackney, Greater London. Here’s a glimpse of the festival…

The Garden Venue

With a map of the festival in my hands, I begin my journey by following a trail exploring various venues of the festival. My first stop brings me here at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden and I'm welcomed by a colorful painted wall that fits with the spirit of the event.

The map in my hands tells me I shall find music and poetry performances on the top of this building.

In this green environment of Dalston's Garden, a disco shed plays host to music while kids and adults alike take part in face painting, soap carving and other joyful activities.

On one side of the roof, visitors of the festival enjoy drinks and converse.

On the other side of the roof, poetry and music delight the ears.

Beyonder performs a poetic act on the Lyrix Organix stage.

The London Jazz Orchestra played at The Patio, in the cultural center of Hackney in Greater London.

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